The Sapiens' Schemes

Here at The Sapiens Group, we aim to make and be a part of positive change - whether that's in the music industry or further afield. And that is why we have The Sapiens' Schemes.


-  5% of all money we make from press campaigns go into a mutual aid fund for our MGMT artists and staff. Whether it's for a new instrument, a therapy session or even general expenses, we aim to support our community in a sustainable and transparent manner.


-  A further 5% of all money we make from press campaigns will be donated annually to a charity of our choice. The current charity we have chosen to support is Tiny Changes. For information on who they are, what they do and how you too can support them click here.


- We are proud members of the KeyChange Pledge to do our part in making the industry a fairer, more inclusive and all round better environment for everyone who wants to be involved. To learn more about KeyChange click here.

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