​​Poetic, evocative and entrancing are three words to describe Thallo, an artist whose  knowledge of music is both intricate and calculated.


Hailing from the rurality of Gwynedd, North Wales, the work of Elin Edwards is beautifully layered, giving tribute to her multi-instrumentality.

A clarinetist from an early age, her usage of such an instrument provides her art with a unique and uplifting texture that is sonically gorgeous while still maintaining an authentic parabolic meaning. 


“The latest effort from Thallo is spellbinding, as you are taken on a journey of twisting turbulence, the path having both moments of violent rapids and still tranquillity. As with anything, love has its highs and lows and ‘The Water’ is the perfect navigation of the various feelings that come with it.” - Let It Happen


“The Water combines beautiful musical arrangements with a narrative about heartbreak and losing someone. She is clearly on her way to do great things, and we can’t wait to hear her music live soon.” - Reel Culture


 "Edwards’ unhinged vocals are nothing short of angelic as they travel from alto to soprano and swell just like the string instrumentation in the back...Her raw sound takes many forms, but inevitably reminds me of the legendary Cocteau Twins’ Elizabeth Fraizer." - TourWorthy

"In the lush jazz-infused textures of 'The Water', Thallo proves it may be possible to find solace in cherishing the sensation of being immersed in love, however fleeting that may be." - Still Water

"Rich with woodwind a gathered company of acoustic nuance, it invites absolutely fair comparison to Aldous Harding, Kate Bush at her most pastoral; there’s even moments of Mark Hollis in there. It’s mellifluous and hazy, gradually and gently enveloping." - Backseat Mafia


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