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Phillip Jon Taylor

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It’s been two years since singer, songwriter and producer, Phillip Jon Taylor, relocated from Glasgow to a working farm in the sleepy beach side village of Dornoch on Scotland's north east coast. Having barely stopped to take breath following a decade spent touring the world in support of the four albums released with his band PAWS, Taylor finally found himself with the space to practice some long overdue self care, and distance himself from the crutches of modern technology. It was an opportunity to look inwards and take stock of where he found himself, and where he was heading.

This disconnect from the ‘always online’ world also sparked a renewed creativity. Setting up a recording studio in the old crofter’s cottage he now calls home, it has become an office hours workplace, where, adopting the role of multi-instrumentalist and producer for the first time in his career, he has quietly amassed a set of songs touched by subtle alt-rock, folk and pop, all the while underpinned by a love of electronic embellishments; songs that celebrate unplugging from the digital world to find real connections.

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"We're hearing elements of the Replacements in there, maybe even aspects of Blur's self-titled record - hell, maybe some of the Grandaddy catalogue, too." - Clash


"a personal summation of our current state of play: frustrations funnelled into ranting Twitter culture, lost connections, an appeal to ‘reshuffle’ our priorities and embrace the small richnesses of life." - Secret Meeting

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