Lockdown has been a time of great intimacy for people across the globe, interrogating thoughts previously buried under busy schedules, bustling commutes and never-ending to-do lists. The debut EP from Ohio-born, New York City-based artist Maria BC leans heavily into this sense of closeness and emotional vulnerability.

Musically, the EP is gorgeous and sparse, with Maria’s classical training as a mezzo-soprano mixing with hushed pop melodies and a love for the quiet grandeur of Grouper. In order not to disturb their neighbours and roommates during lockdown, Maria had to write and record the music on ‘Devil’s Rain’ quietly. This added layer of intimacy onto an already stark emotional period is stunningly portrayed on ‘Devil’s Rain’; it feels like you’re right there in the apartment with them. 

Maria BC

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“ Maria BC conjures a vivid world with just their electric guitar and precise, sweeping mezzo-soprano vocals. Even from deep inside this haze, their music sounds close and visceral, like Cocteau Twins’ melodies repurposed as choral pieces. The solitude seems to come naturally; their music is hushed but the spirit resounds.” - Pitchfork


“An album that feels both intimate and expansive. Their classical vocal training is evident, but it’s clipped, its power instead manifesting in restraint via delicate arpeggios; lustrous humming; and soft, honeyed coos. The result is part Norah Jones, part Annie Lennox, part X-Files." - Bandcamp's Album of the Day


“With haunting serenity, there is a flitting consciousness to the these brief, nightmarish lullabies that leaves you transfixed within a realm of broken intimacy. At the beginning of the journey, Devil’s Rain is the first press of the key into the lock – the turn will come in good time.” - Secret Meeting


“Devil’s Rain is an EP of intimacy and earnestness, the songs woven with a gentle patience that evokes a candid atmosphere. Music that is introspective yet unguarded, probing into themes as weighty as memory and religion with intuition and care.” - Various Small Flames

“A comforting realisation about how joy and melancholy can harmoniously co-exist in your memories.” - Get In Her Ears