herbal tea’s music belongs in the misty gauze of a photograph left to yellow in the autumn sun. A masterful blend of hazy, filmic textures and layered vocals, the project of Bristol based artist, Helena Eve Walker, has earnt praise from well-regarded peers, Gia Margaret and Fog Lake.


Imbued with airy nostalgia, her bedroom recordings have more than a passing resemblance to the magic of Grouper - such is the melodic splendour in Helena’s work – but there’s certainly an air of originality in her expansive arrangements.

herbal tea

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“Existing as a bedroom pop project, the track was written, recorded, and mixed by Walker herself, and captures the complex feelings of solitude and introspection at an odd hour, not quite night but not yet morning either, a time in which dark and light seem to be interlocked in perpetual battle.” - Kid With A Vinyl

"herbal tea’s songs are a comfort – sonically equal parts light and dark, they have the ability to take you some place else. I’m happy to live in a world where she exists"Gia Margaret

"Beautiful textures… crystal clear melodies… spectacularly dreamy… herbal tea is a songwriter to keep your eye on, and is not going to stay a musical mystery for very long" - For The Rabbits

"Steeped in melancholic acoustic guitar and pearly piano bits, Garden is a gorgeous, foggy production that cuts deep at human awareness. Her vocals are gentle, but spooky like early Feist recordings. " - Empty Stomach


"An absolute masterclass in bedroom DIY pop. Full of the melancholy heartbreak that propelled Sharon Van Etten/Phoebe Bridgers et al into the limelight but with an added humility that is instantly endearing. Helena is Rough Trade favourite, and even though she only has a handful of gigs under her belt, she blows everyone away the minute she sets foot on the stage.” - Rough Trade Bristol