Raised within the Welsh heartlands of Carmarthenshire, music has always been second nature to Gillie Ione Rowland.


Deeply influenced by place and now living within the burgeoning metropolis of London, Gillie blends the serenity of the Welsh countryside, with the industrial undergrowth of city life, to create something hauntingly serene. Distinct in its simplicity yet vivid in atmosphere, the ease at which Gillie entwines both her silken vocal style with storytelling both striking yet subtle, has seen her draw comparisons to both Elena Tonra (Daughter, Ex:Re) and Tamsin Wilson (Wilsen). 


“Almost whisper-like at times, it’s strikes a naturally disarming tone, as if each line has been decided with such clarity” - Let It Happen


“The ethereal backing and impactful subject matter create an indie-pop banger that will tug at any lister’s heartstrings- a testament to Gillie’s astounding song-writing sensibilities.” - One Great Song


“It sounds lyrically personal and intimate and reflective because that’s exactly what it is, and made all the better for it.” - God is in the TV zine


“Interweaving pop sensibilities with her lush vocals and gritty guitar sounds, the track is a musing on the unexpected feelings of competition that threaten to erode the foundations of existing friendships.” - Get In Her Ears

“Gillie proves that she’s happy to defy the seasons with a shimmering pop anthem that’s already got us dreaming of next year’s summer months.” - Secret Meeting


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