Oxford-born, Cardiff-based, Ed Tullett is a prolific songwriter, producer and collaborator, best known for his work with Novo Amor, with whom he has released an album - Heiress  - and co-authored two more: Novo Amor’s debut album Birthplace  and the widely-acclaimed follow-up Cannot Be, Whatsoever. These long-form releases arrived in the wake of their first work together - after meeting in late 2013 and immediately becoming close friends - Tullett has co-written nearly all of Novo Amor’s releases since mid-2014, the pair continuing to work closely, including Ed arranging for and touring with the project live.

In 2018 Tullett formed 2 new collaborative projects - Lissom, with French pianist Julien Marchal, whose debut record was released in 2018 - with a follow-up due in 2021 - and Hailaker with Bristol-based artist Jemima Coulter. Hailaker has since released 2 records, 2019’s self-titled and 2020’s Holding, along with 3 singles, most-recently Wavepool, a collaboration with S. Carey of Bon Iver. A third album is currently being written.

In 2021 Tullett began working with lifelong friend Auryn Tate (Shinamo Moki) on their instrumental electronic project Tolari’s first album, Leylines, as well as producing a solo record, both of which will be released in 2021, as he continues to co-write and produce for a number of other artists.

Ed Tullett

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