Settled within a musical twilight zone, multidisciplinary artist Bonnie Churcher-Owen occupies a sonic void of her own. Possessing a dark and brooding presence, her self-produced tracks carry a subtle yet immense warmth. Be it the unsettling glow of suburban streetlights or rain trickled bus stops, through her work, the Bristol-based artist captures the emotions lost amongst the everyday, placing appreciation on aspects of life often overlooked.


Drawing from the dawn static of Burial and fusing it with a Tirzah-Esque vocal hypnosis, her music blurs the lines of genre convention. Cloaked in an electronic haze, once submerged within the music of Bonsi, you can slow down, breathe, and escape from the intensity of modern-day.


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“it’s a fine thing hearing Bonsi blossom as she reaches for wherever the light takes her on her ever-shifting path of growth, and just as spring is the beginning of nature working towards its full potential, so too is ‘Mouth of Shame’ a sign of the beauty that’s just ready to bloom. ”      - Wax Music


“The musical equivalent of a Stan Brakhage film, her gentle words are like cut up collages, and slip into the nooks and crannies of her densely spacious arrangements. Her compositions pose more questions than they give answers. But the unpredictability is definitely part of her charm.” - Secret Meeting


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